Questions and Answers…

I have to be honest: this totally surprised me!

As we all know, or at least I do, I am yet to be published. I actually am afraid that I might not ever be published the way I want it. But that doesn’t seem to be the issue to these people who were sending me an e-mail, asking me about being an author. I was having second thoughts if I should be sending them answers to their inquiries, because I am not an author yet. I am just a writer. But I also figured that it would be rude not to send them anything back. Hence, this post. I will be posting the questions some people asked me (e-mail addresses and last names will be hidden, and other parts of their messages will not be posted), and answer them as well.

Disclaimer: Again, I am not an author yet.

Melanie: How do you pronounce your name?

My name is Celester Mejia. Celester is the easiest one between the two. Just think Celeste and Lester, and combine them. That’s my first name. And Mejia is of Spanish origin. It’s pronounced as Me-hi-ya, not Me-Ja-ya. Trivia: Celester is a combination of my father’s name and aunt’s name, and it means “heavenly star”, or I think my mom told me that, while Mejia is derived from the word messiah.

Alex: What is The Chosen Ones about?

I’ve had second thoughts about answering this one, because I don’t want my idea to be used by other people. So to give a very “vague” description, but will surely give everyone a hint about the story… The Chosen Ones is about fairies in the mortal realm. It’s not an epic fantasy/high fantasy novel, rather an urban fantasy one. It tackles about how one selfish decision might affect other people’s lives.

Jerry: Why did you choose to be a writer?

It was a choice, yes. It wasn’t like other authors/writers who writes because they know nothing else to do; because not writing is an option. It started when I was 15 or 16, and I was looking for a way to have an additional money for school. Writing is easy, I thought. So from there on, I started writing. I was a crap author then, by the way. But I fell in love with words, and never stopped writing since that day. I only expect myself to become better.

Jessica: How do you find inspiration for your stories, and who is your favorite author?

I let my imagination run every second of every day. Seriously, I have been like this since I was very young, before I even thought about being a writer. I think, as a fresh writer, everything just goes into my head — plots and stories that I think might work. But not all inspiration can inspire you, exactly. Sometimes, it becomes a distraction, especially if you’re writing a different story at the moment. I also look at my surroundings and try to appreciate them. Actually, one of my next works is about two warring schools — inspired by Philippine culture. You see, I am a student of De La Salle University, and Ateneo de Manila is, like, their rival. It’s a cool story, and I am not going to disclose the genre just yet! 🙂

My favorite authors are Mina V. Esguerra, Kristin Cashore, Suzanne Collins, and Alice Sebold. Mina V. Esguerra’s books are so different than the genre I am working on, but she keeps me inspired when it comes to the romantic elements of my story. I am far from being a romantic, and that is my weakness, which I call now as a solved problem – thanks to Mina! Also, Kristin Cashore and Suzanne Collins give me an insight on how a perfect adventure story really looks like. Alice Sebold, on the other hand, has only become a part of my favorite authors list just recently. I’ve read her book, The Lovely Bones, because my classmates and I were required to for our World Litt class, and I found myself enjoying her supernatural drama fiction. What makes it odd is because the story has serious themes in it, that others might think of as terrible events.

So that covers all the messages I got. Not that many, but still heartwarming to know that people actually cares about my work! So, I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who sent me lovely messages, telling me not to give up on finding an agent. Also, thanks to those people who have read a bit of my story, and told me that it should already have a space in the shelves!

I really appreciate you guys! Thanks, again… a lot!


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