A Salute to Ms. Kristin Nelson

Time with the computer (Deviant Art © Purple-Legion)
Deviant Art © Purple-Legion

Just yesterday, I published a blog post regarding people ranting about how finding an agent could be a (insert profanity here), and why we should not be doing such thing. (Click here to read.)

I understand how hard it is to find one, because I am looking for one as I’m making this post. However, I said in my previous post that I am only sending one query letter at a time, thinking that if I send multiple queries to different agents and that they’d (or at least more than one will) be interested with it,  it would be a waste of time for those I will not choose to go with.

However, after giving myself some more time, I guess that having this thought that more than one agent would be interested with my work sounded so smug of me. Of course, I believe with what I’ve written, but I also believe that not everyone would be in love with it. Some may think that I’m the worst writer they’ve ever encountered, and others might say otherwise.

And just earlier, about fifteen minutes ago, I stumbled upon a post written by an agent named Kristin Nelson.

Kristin Nelson

I’ve only known about Kristin Nelson for less than a week, but I’ve been coming back in her blog to read her posts as I find them interesting. They were so enjoyable and very mind-satisfying, in my opinion, that after just a day, I probably have read most of her posts she made this and last year.

And today, I was able to read one of her old posts. (Link’s here.) There, she was answering questions, and in the final one she answered, she was asked: “What happens if more than one publisher wants the book?”

It was an answer to my prayer to be enlightened about this, considering that I am a newbie writer and certainly very green about these kinds of experiences. Turns out that it’s a common practice being made by authors and there’s nothing wrong about it.

Forgive my stupidity, or innocence, or whatsoever… This is really the first time that I’ve heard about this. And this blog post is dedicated to Ms. Kristin Nelson who I think is unaware of how many people she’s been helping with her beautiful posts and guides, especially to someone like me who’s just starting their career as a writer.

So, salute, Ms. Kristin Nelson!



By the way, Kristin Nelson is an agent. If you find her interesting (like I do), do your homework and then submit your work/s to her.


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