Untruth Be Told

© Celester O. Mejia

In this world where lying was invented,
What could be real? What could be true?
The turning of reality into lies has no ending.
So where does honesty really fit inside of you?

Melodramatic scenes from your over-the-top storytelling,
We are not kids anymore; aren’t you tired of all this?
Because I already am, and I will begin begging:
Start being real to yourself, will you just please?

No, I am neither jealous nor happy.
You are nothing I want to be alike.
But with you, I am so done and angry.
Why won’t you commence getting a life?

They say that a word is a creation of a man,
And that already makes a sentence a masterpiece,
So do me a favor and answer me, young one:
When have you first become a professional artist?

Trespassing is a crime, and I’m willing to get caught,
If my offense will mean the end of your stupid act.
Lying is a game and I am beyond distraught,
Because we just want to play the words of fact.

Nothing good will ever happen to someone like you.
Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge,
But without knowledge, what kind of vision would you use?
Try straightening your acts, you with personality damage.


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