Why writers write, why readers read, and why others don’t?

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These past few months after I created my Facebook Page, I met a lot of wonderful people around the world by just facing my computer screen. It is not a secret how technology changed the lives of the modern people, meaning us. From tapes, to CDs – we are now able to buy download songs online. From boutiques, to department stores, we can also buy our clothes, and even appliances, online. And from old-fashioned books, to a newer look, it’s no surprise that publishers and authors also took their chances on publishing works online.

I was just sixteen years old when I thought of publishing my work. It was a sudden decision. I was not needed to be forced, and nothing really motivated me to write.

No, maybe I said it wrong. Something motivated me to write, and that is because I wanted an additional money allowance for school. It was selfish, I know, but the story gets better.

I wrote and finished my first novel when I was sixteen. What gave me this idea was when I read Fairy Tale Fail, written by Mina V. Esguerra, who made this novella available for free for few days. She said it was a Philippine Independence Day gift. I took the chance and read it. To my surprise, I got hooked with it. And then I thought of writing.

I told myself, why not? Writing can’t be that hard. It’s just like telling stories to my friends, except I’m writing. It turned out that it wasn’t. There were a lot of things that needed to be done, and process that needed to be followed. I didn’t know that, but it was a mistake I had to commit to learn.

Immediately after writing my first novel, I sent it to only publishing company that I know of that time. It took me only few weeks to write that work, but the publishing company took more than a month to reply – only to tell me that my work was rejected.

Where did I go wrong? Why did my work got rejected?

Those were just two of the many questions that I had in my head. It crushed me. The rejection made me feel so down. I literally didn’t open Microsoft Word for more than two months after that. And when I finally got the confidence, I read my work again and realized how much of a trash it was.

I deleted it. It needed not to be revised. Seriously, it needed to be put inside the Recycle Bin and be forgotten forever. However, the latter didn’t work out.

That’s when I realized the real reason to why writers write, why readers read, and why others don’t.

Writers write because of passion. You don’t write because you just wanted money. The outcome will never be great because your goal is different than what you should be aiming for.

Readers read because of passion. You don’t read because you were forced to. You will end up jumping chapters to chapters if you don’t have the passion for it. The ending would be not understanding it, and you will realize how much time you have wasted.

Others don’t because of their lack of passion. Yes. They don’t have the love to read and write. Why would they do these things? It’s not something that should hurt us, writers and readers. It should give us an understanding to why they don’t.

And how did I know these things?

Because I was once one of those others, and I am currently a reader and writer — trying to appreciate things with the use of words, and wanting to be appreciated through my own words.


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  1. This is so right.

  2. I absolutely agree with that! Like I always say, I could no more stop writing than I could stop breathing.

    Great post!

  3. Fabulous post. I wonder if you would allow me to share this on my blog (www.paulkater.com), with a link back to your original article.

  4. Very well said. You write because not writing is not an option, not because it’s an easy way to get rich. I wrote a post with similar sentiments (though with more swearing) recently and I couldn’t agree with you more.

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