POETRY: The Grouch of the Unborn

© Celester O. Mejia


Who are you to tell me that we were not the same?
What you went through, I was supposed to undergo as well.
Who do you think you are for you to make my life your aim?
I was a human too, so don’t tell them what you did was sane.

Didn’t want to blame you but it was your fault.
I was on my way but it’s me you can’t exalt.
With my father, you slept with; but you couldn’t face the result.
You did the action, and the outcome you had to halt.

How stupid of you to taste the pleasure.
But with pain you want to run away.
Don’t put the charge on pain and pressure
Because it hurt you even more the moment you went astray.

I know you won’t hear me but there’s nothing to waste.
So give me the chance to say everything that I have to say.
I was pure and innocent, and you were far from chaste.
Why did I have to be rebuked for the sin I didn’t make?

To be honest I could have loved you.
You could have raised me alone, even in poverty.
But what have we both turned into?
You’re a murderer and I will forever be a mystery.

The moments for us made to cherish
Had now become a forever of unrecognized.
For your act you became a total foolish,
Let yourself at least be despised.

What was left for you and me?
There’s nothing here and you’re not even guilty.
It was my home – inside your belly.
Was I really your misery?

I am alone in this pit of darkness.
You’re not just a killer but also a thief.
I should have lived in the world full of brightness.
But the real deal is – do you even grieve?

You made the deed, I paid the price.
Where is justice; is it suffice?
I was a human too – not just your child.
Did I really deserve to be exiled?


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