When I accidentally deleted my work…

Okay, just this morning (meaning right after I woke up from my very deep, relaxing sleep), I immediately thought of writing. Yeah, that early! And I was in the mood to just type and type, and type my way to the very end of the novel that I’m working on. Then I did something stupid.

As my windows opened, I immediately clicked on my work file and accidentally hit the delete button. I don’t know what was happening to me because I accidentally hit the enter button as well which meant I agreed to delete it. Which I don’t agree at all, except, of course, the computer wouldn’t know that. It’s not like it would ask me “Delete ‘The Chosen Ones.docx’ file?” and would ask me again, “Are you sure? Because it’s your work that’s saved in here? The one you’ve been working for couple of months already…”

Of course it wouldn’t ask me like that.

So, then I hit the enter button and it went directly to my Recycle Bin. Then another stupid accident happened. When I opened my Bin and right-clicked on my file. And instead of clicking Restore, I clicked Delete. And then it asked me again. Yes, “Are you sure?” blah, blah, blah. And I clicked “Yes” thinking it was asking me if I really wanna restore the file. But I forgot that it wouldn’t confirm my action if I was just restoring something from the Bin. And I was stupid enough to let my finger click “YES!” So damn stupid!

So yeah, writing again the work, starting in the middle of what I had typed — because I was able to back my work up before but I am so stupid enough not to back it up again when I already finished a long part of it! So, yeah. I’m stupid, and I’m owning the title!


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