30 Days Writing Challenge…

Writing — sometimes I wanna curse it, and most of the time I’m in love with it.

It’s true. Writing had become my best friend for the past few months and to be honest, my social life suffered big time because of it. Instead of going out with my friends, or enjoying my break from school, I’m stuck inside our home, inside my bedroom, lying myself down on my bed, in front of my laptop, typing whatever it is that I’ve plotted and what would enter in my head. But what’s cool about it is that you can create a scenery in your head that you think, and you take credit for it, that only you could have ever imagined. And putting those images into words is much more fascinating.

But sometimes, you forget about reality — that there’s a real world waiting for you outside of your bedroom, and not in front of your laptop/desktop. That is why I am doing this. Finally, I have decided to give myself a deadline. Within 30 days, I should be done doing this story, and the most hours that I should be spending to it would be not more than five hours a day. That way, I can get back to my early sleep nightly routine, and enjoy the outside world daily ritual. And if there’s a maximum, it will be unfair not to put a minimum. I’m not talking about timing, though. What I’m saying is that I should at least finish a chapter within a day, or for the heck of it, I would really stop writing!

No — I didn’t mean that. But still, I should be a man of my words, and not cheat on myself. I hate cheaters, and loathing myself is not a good thing. I don’t wanna end up being suicidal, so no. So, the 30 Days Writing Challenge will start tomorrow as soon as I wake up from my bed!

Wishing you all the luck, Celester.

Much Love,



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  1. Good luck Celester! I feel the same way sometimes with my writing but I have a family to tend to that puts limits on the time I dedicate to it, which is a good thing because then I’d just sit here in front of the computer, no sleep or food because my writing seems to be my only necessity, lol. So good luck on your challange, view the walls outside your bedroom and get some fresh air xD

    • Eveli!!! I’m so sorry that it is just now that I will be able to reply on your comment! The past 15 days had been super busy! But thank you! I hope I will finish the novel. I don’t wanna hate myself if I won’t be able to fulfill this challenge! Lucky for you, you have your family to motivate you to stand up from your seat to enjoy other things. Not that I don’t have a family, LOL, but in my case, I do the me-thing. I never cared about what my family tells me just as long as I could be in front of my lappy and do my work! =) But yes, finally, I was able to go out again from our home and meet with my friends, and that part was definitely I had missed the most! Thanks for commenting, Eveli! =)

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