So to anyone of you who have been waiting for me to unveil the secret I was talking about in my previous post, here it is.

The Chosen Ones is the book that I’m writing. Yes, still writing, and not yet published.  And I am planning it to be a series. It’s been a tough journey to be able to do this. I gave up my social life, my vacation, and my whatever-else-I-had-given-up just to be able to write this, and shifted into this stranger who is addicted to coffee, and coffee, and more coffee. And, oh, have I forgotten about me giving up my nightly routine of sleeping early? I thought so but there you go.

But having said those, I’m still really excited to be able to finally publish this one because I put too much effort into it. Probably the greatest achievement I’d ever get in my entire life!

Also, did you like the new design of my blog? I’ve been thinking of a great design and this is what I ended up with. I hope you all did because I do! And it was hard to do it without anybody’s help! I thought I was gonna go loco when I was doing it. Good thing, I was able to keep my sane self intact somewhere inside of me.

Anyway, let’s all be happy! Happy, happy, happy! Actually, I want to make this post longer but there’s nothing else to put. So, ’til my next post, you people! Much love!


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