Believe it or not, I’ve been in front of my laptop, in this very same page, for almost half an hour, thinking of what to write, and how to write it. It just feels weird to be typing your first post just for the sake of having a first post. And I have nothing to say which is not a good way to begin with.

This is not my first time in the blogging world though. I’ve blogged before in different sites, and still is blogging now. But still, coming back here and typing yet again my first post is definitely tough. It’s like popping the cherry all over again.

So why have I decided to create a new blog? Hmmm… That’s not exactly a tough question but I don’t have any idea how to say it. Well, let me first say that I’m entering the huge world of publications. I’ve been writing since I was sixteen and it was just recently that I found the confidence of making a move to make my work be read by the world. Before, I’ve submitted my work on a publishing company (a local company here in the Philippines, and let’s just simply call that company as Summit Books) and my work was rejected. But I couldn’t blame them. At first, when I was typing that work, I was feeling good. Maybe I was overwhelmed because it was the first work I was able to finish. But it was rejected–and my whole world crushed. My confidence began sinking, and looking at the mirror makes me feel ashamed… of myself. I let myself down. But after few months and I have decided to read that novel again, I realized how horrible it was! No–really horrible. That novel falls under the genre of Chick-lit, but after so many failed attempts in writing, I finally figured it all out. I have no future in Chick-lit. My tone is too, I don’t know, guy-ish for it to pass for a chick-lit novel. And now, I have decided to write a Young-adult, Fantasy, Romance novel, and I think this is where I truly belong. I am a supernatural creature myself. I’m a troll. And what is my work about? Secret. A little bit of a mystery for a while wouldn’t hurt, would it?

So, until my next post. Right now, I’m just relieved that I’m done writing my virginal post. Namaste, people!


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  1. Lovetiggi's Book Reviews

    I like your writing style in this piece!

  2. Nice blog! Love your novel cover 🙂

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